Exercise is a difficult thing to do and what’s more difficult is to start it and stick with the plan. Let’s see how you can convince yourself to do exercise regularly.


Even if you have intentions to start exercise, doing it for the first time is probably the hardest step. Usually we find excuses like “I’m busy today”, “I’m tired” and “let’s skip it today, one day is not going to make a difference”. Let’s see how you can convince yourself to start workout and stick with the plan.

Start Small and Move Forward

If you don’t have time to go to a gym or you don’t want to then don’t. All you need to do is take baby steps. You don’t have to start doing extreme workout to make a difference but instead focus on small things like taking stairs instead of escalator or elevator and walk to your office if it is in walking distance.

Set Weekly Goals and Break Them into Smaller Objectives

Without a plan in life you are not going to achieve anything and the same goes for your exercise and workout plan. Your plans depend on what goals you want to achieve; for example many people do exercise to lose weight. Whatever your goals are, divide them into smaller weekly or monthly objective; like “I’m going to lose 5lbs this month”.

Find a Buddy and Make It Competitive

It is easier than it sounds. Of course some of your friends would also want to start exercising but procrastinating is the reason here. If you can convince your friend to join you, it would be great for you and him too. You would be competing and comparing your goals and accomplishments with each other. It leads to even better results. Even you can take your dog with you on a walk or run; dogs are energetic and his company would motivate you.

Make Exercise Part of Your Daily Routine

That’s obvious; if you want to yield results, do exercise regularly and try to make it a habit. Skipping a day or two considering it would not affect anything is the worst thing you can do. Now you are on the right track, stick to the plan.

Use Mobile Apps to Keep Track

Use technology to track your progress and goals. If you can afford a fitness device, buy it and let it track your progress. Other than that, you can also use mobile apps to see your progress. This is a good way to see your achievements in visual format like graphs. Mobile apps also help you plan your route if you are running, walking or cycling. And some of those apps have their own forums where you can join other groups and people.

Pick an Exercise That You Like

Do not consider exercise a work, make it fun. For example, as mentioned above, if your friend joins you during workout hour, it would be lot more fun that doing exercise alone. You don’t need to take other’s advice which exercise is good for you. If you like walking then walk, if you like running then run, if you like cycling then ride a bicycle. Exercise is not supposed to be boring.

Visualize the Positive Outcomes

Keep your eyes on target and visualize your success. If you want to lose weight, imagine yourself with a lesser weight, if you want to be in a better shape, imagine yourself with an amazing body. You have to keep yourself motivated all the time so you don’t give up.

Join a Sports Team

Joining a sports team or group is one of the best things you could do. There are tons of advantages of having people with similar motivation and intentions near you. It would be challenging, it would be competitive and you would get instant rewards for your performance in terms of appreciations from your fellows.

Get Some Nice Workout Clothes, Shoes and Music Player

If you want to do it, then do it the right way. Get nice workout clothes, comfortable shoes and music player to make this fun activity. It would help you make exercise a routine when you would be “readying for exercise” everyday. Other than that, workout and exercise clothes are specifically made for comfort that normal clothes cannot provide. You need to feel relaxed during workout hour.

Now, here comes the fun part; music helps you concentrate on the exercise and keeps you motivated. Make a playlist with songs with beats and you’ll feel a lot more motivated than before.

Reward Yourself

We know these things only seem small and insignificant but actually they are quite hard to accomplish. When you achieve your goals, don’t forget to reward yourself. Even patting on the back would do the job.

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